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Becoming an OB/GYN physician was a natural path for Dr. Kasar. Throughout her life, she had a personal inspiration, her mother, in the same field as an OB RN. Her journey in OB/GYN medicine started in Mumbai, India and took a winding path to the United States. After years of additional training and an unwavering passion for women’s health, that path brought her to Las Vegas in 2020.


Dr. Kasar takes pride in providing a positive and collaborative experience for all her patients. She believes it is of the utmost importance to take the time to listen carefully, ensuring each patient feels heard and understood, while working together on a thorough approach to address any concerns. Her commitment to patient education, evidence-based practices, and empowering women is unmatched as she guides patients through all stages of their lives.

Dr. Kasar is not just a physician, she is a mom. Her empathy and compassion help her understand the unique challenges women face when they are expecting. Simply put, she enjoys her small cameo in the most magnificent moments in a woman’s life. She embodies everything we strive for in our MyOBGYN community. We never stop learning, and we never stop caring.

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